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Working Dogs

While numerous canines are buddies, other dogs do serious work that truly helps others. Working dogs have real jobs that they consider important. These dogs have natural talents that are cautiously sharpened with serious intensive training. Working dogs are trained to help other people and they love to work.

10 Jul 2019
Hunting Dogs

For certain types of hunting, a well-trained dog is considered indispensable. For centuries, dogs have hunted alongside humans, often helping humans survive. While hunting with dogs is often just for sport, many hunters provide for their families through their hunting, making the dog an important companion in the field.

09 Jul 2019
Herding Dogs

Herding dogs encompass an entire group of dog breeds, all bred with specific characteristics. Herding dogs may be large or small, from the little Shetland Sheepdog ("Sheltie") to the big, bobtailed Old English Sheepdog. They must display the ability to keep other animals together, and this instinct is inborn.

01 Jan 2019
K9 Guard Dogs

The guard dog or watch dog has one of the most ancient types of canine relationships with humans . It's been conjectured that guard duty was the dog's first job with humans - it may be that the dog was originally domesticated because humans needed an animal to keep away other predators. Perhaps they noticed that many wild creatures feared the wolf, so they domesticated wolves in order to use this to their advantage.

02 Jan 2019
K9 Detection Dogs

Detection dogs are trained to detect even minute amounts of key substances. These substances range from drugs to cadavers to peanuts (yes, peanuts!). Bomb dogs and explosives dogs are trained to sniff out dangerous items in airplane luggage, cars, buildings, and anywhere a threat is suspected. Because the number and types of detection dogs are so numerous, this article will focus on a few of the main types of detection dogs.