Cobra Pro Style Dog Collar (2 inch)

Tired of using traditional cheap dog collars with an annoying on-off application? Here you go! More than suitable for normal use with even the most hardheaded of leash pullers.

How to measure for a  Corba Pro Style dog collar

The collar size is determined according to the dog’s neck size. Please measure the actual size of your dog’s neck. Do not add those extra fingers as you may have been told in the past.

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These EDG - COBRA® buckle dog collars are crafted from ultra-durable materials which allow it to withstand typical wear and tear and simultaneously features a patented Quick Release pro style buckle that ensures getting even the most hyper dogs in and out of the collar is a total breeze. With classic styles and next level features, you’ll love the way your dog looks and how easy they are to handle when using these collars!

Patented world's strongest COBRA® pro style buckle

Black Stainless Steel D-Ring and Tri glide

Black Stainless Steel Tri glide for easy adjustment

Built to withstand wear and tear

Hand crafted from premium 2” thick Nylon Seatbelt Webbing

Suitable for medium to large size dogs