Dog Muzzle Wire with rubber cover

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There are, but a few dog muzzles out there that offer a seamless blend of comfort with enviable usability. The New Wire Cage Dog Muzzle is evolved in a different class from a superior blueprint in muzzle design featuring a high-quality metal and wire basket expertly crafted to provide safety and comfort for your dog season long.  Come winter, the rubber insulated metal wire muzzle provides a cool feel, helping prevent snout from sticking to the cage. The rubber layer technology also creates a sensational cooling system during summer when the climatic temperature is on a high. Specifically to prevent rust and aid longevity, this dog muzzle cage adopts a protective measure that insulates the metal wire from water and dust thereby increasing cage's lifespan. Think of the perfect cost-effective and reliable cage dog muzzle that combines flawless potency with luxurious comfort on your dog? The Wire Cage Dog Muzzle rubber-covered metal cage offers you the best of features and styles to hand your dog a pleasant life.

  • 537 - Pitbull - AST - Labrador - Akita
    538 - Pitbull - Bully - AST - Labrador - Akita
    515 - SBT - Fox Terrier - Cocker Spaniel
    516 - SBT - Fox Terrier - Cocker Spaniel
    561 - German Shepherd - Malamute
    562 - German Shepherd - Malamute
    529 - Boxer - Dogo Arentino
    530 - Boxer - Dogo Arentino
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  • $28.29

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Key features of this Muzzle:

  • Enthralling design
  • Seamless comfort
  • Protective, safe and toxic-free
  • Felt-padded on the nose
  • Adjustable leather strap for different dog sizes
  • Rubber insulation against rust
  • Rubber cooling layer with soothing effect all year long

Intended use of this Muzzle:

  • Suitable for jumping/ playing/walking
  • Behavioural conditioning
  • Controlling dog aggression
  • Prevents barking, chewing and biting

Benefits of this muzzle:

  • Ease of accessing and lapping water
  • Bars dog from picking food from the ground and licking wounds
  • Rubber layer prevents harmful humidity effect
  • Employs a blueprint that ensures all materials are made from natural sources
  • Rubber insulation that provides cooling impact of comfort all season
  • Durable and long-lasting design with assurance of safety and comfort
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