Kryptek Highlander Tactical Dog Collar

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Tactical military dog collar Kryptek Highlander 50 mm / 2 inch / 5cm with strong metal cobra buckle. The collar is adjustable with military velcro. With strong handle and without.

Handmade of high quality materials which include METAL AustriAlpin COBRA Pro Style buckles used in most climbing gear that require carrying a lot of weight.

Military grade Kryptek Highlander webbing sewn with high quality heavy duty bonded thread and can handle any thing you can throw out of it no matter how large your dog is or how intense he/she is doing agitation work, is tear and rip resistant.

Extreme Dog Gear makes special dog collars from original military grade webbing to ensure that they are durable and comfortable enough for police work. Each collar has a breaking strength of 2200 Kg and is waterproof, brute force tested and maintenance free. Successfully satisfying the needs and winning the trust of private security companies and k9 services since 1998!

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Kryptek Outdoor Group creates their patterns from real life knowledge of what is needed on a battleground. Their designers draw from actual combat experience, and use of innovative technologies, to create ideal designs for hunting and outdoor adventure. 

Specially designed for those geographical regions and elevations that are varied. Kryptek Highlander™ increases stealth when pursuing a wide range of quarry in mixed terrain.

The 2 inch dog collar has a working load of approximately 2,500 lbs with a break strength in the range of 3,000-4,000 lbs. This Extreme tactical dog collar will practically last forever and will become an instant favorite. Near-unbreakable collar: tear and wear proof, break and snap proof (unfortunately nothing stands against doggy chewing, but the buckle will).

This collar works incredibly well for dog handlers doing agitation work, as an agitation collar, or canine owners who just have large dogs and want bigger collars. Handle that makes control of your pet easier in tough situations, handle is sized to fit adult man hand for a firm and secure grip.

High quality materials which include AustriAlpin COBRA ® Pro Style buckles and D-ring, 2 inch (5cm) wide military grade webbing sewn with military grade sewing thread that is tear and rip resistant. The collar is adjustable with military velcro.

If your canine's neck size is near the low or high end of our ranges, or is a puppy and still growing, make a note in the 'neck size' field and we will fine tune the size for a perfect fit!

Question: Where should I measure the neck?

Answer: Always measure at the widest point, around the base of neck. If your dog is very furry make sure you measure its neck not the volume of hair on it, pull the meter tight around dogs neck and give it enough slack to fit two fingers underneath.


Question:  Why are your collars more expensive than other camo color brands.

Answer: High quality materials which include AustriAlpin COBRA buckles and D-ring, military grade webbing, military grade sewing and military velcro are expensive. All materials are ISO9001-2008 certified and  Berry Compliant. You wont get a the same quality in a low budget look a like collar. Extreme Dog Gear Tactical Gears are for expert and professional dog trainers.

Our k9 dog collars are in use on these breeds: Doberman, German Shepherd, Malinois, Pitbull, Rottweiler, Staffordshire Terrier and many other breeds.

Extreme Dog Gear ® collars are protected under registered trademarks, other trademarks, trade dress, protected by the European patent (OHIM). Materials created by us are subject to the protection of intellectual goods and copyright. Full Terms & Conditions.

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  • Nordin A
    nov 18, 2019, 14:44
    This highlander tactical collar is everything we expected and more. The craftsmanship is great and it is very durable and easy to clean. The cobra buckle is great! The handle makes it much easier to control the dog in case of an emergency. The Extreme Dog Gear customer service is excellent as well! I will definitely buy again in the future. Thank you all at Extreme Dog Gear for being so kind!
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