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Extreme Dog Gear heavy duty dog leashes: The Roughest, Toughest, and Strongest Nylon Leashes Around.

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Many things in life can make you feel helpless, but few can match the horrifying feeling you’ll experience while watching your dog disappeared into the distance, dragging the remains of a broken leash behind him.

As dog owners, we often take the strength and quality of our pet’s leash for granted. Few of us worry that our dog’s leash will break while he is lunging toward a cat or dragging you around the block during his daily walk.

But be sure: Leashes can break!

These Extreme 1-inch-wide leashes are twice as thick as most others, and it features quality components that are built to last. Made from 4 layers durable custom nylon webbing. You can configure these with one of the strongest carabiners of any leash on the market.

These leashes are not only well-built, strong, and durable, they are also available in short and long versions, which will give your dog more room to explore.

Note that we’re not talking about leashes that are built to withstand your dog’s teeth; we’re talking about leashes that should resist your dog’s pulling and lunging.