Martingale Collars

The Advantage of Martingale Dog Collars

Many dog lovers think that martingale collars are only for a “training aid”. If you analyze deep, you will understand that there are a lot of benefits using martingale collars, not related to the main purpose these collars were created for.

Dog lovers use different names at the time of using these collars such as semi slip, half check and so on…. Here at Extreme Dog Gear we produce soft but strong nylon heavy duty martingale collars in various colors and widths: 1 inch, 1.6 inch and 2 inch (2.5cm, 4cm and 5cm).

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Martingale collars are a kind of a dog collar where most of the collar tightens up and pressure is added. We often get feedback from the people or dog lovers that martingale collars are cruel. But this is not totally right. Because there are many advantages in using a martingale collar.

The proper sized martingale collar is sized so that it covers snuggly around the neck but it does not strangle the dog. The martingale collar can be very chap life insurance and a life saver.

If you want to use a comfortable collar for your dog then it will be martingale collar. Because it is very simple and easy to put on and put off. You do not need to fiddle the buckle or trying to find the right hole in a collar whilst the dog attempts to bounce around and ready for a walk.

The proper sized martingale collar will help you to prevent your dog backing out of his or hers collars. There are many dog would not be lost as if they use this types of collars. The most common reasons for a missing dog is a slipped collar or harness.

Generally a dog does well behaved and has an nice recall can at the time of panic, back up, slip their collar and run as fast as they can.

Youngsters go through periods when the silliest of things can spook them and the last thing you want them running away as this could cause lasting mental damage and sometimes physically. There are a lot of dogs which also go missing and are never found after they have got away from the owner.

Since martingale collars will lay looser when there is no pressure attached to it, it is also great for dogs that have a lot of hair or heavy manes. We ensure you that there well be less of a “collar mark” left on to the coat and martingale collar often sites better on the neck.