Dog Weight Pull Harnesses

Our hand made x-back dog weight pull harness is designed for pulling of heavy loads over short distances, and incorporates a rear spreader bar to prevent lateral compression of the hind legs by the side straps during heavy pulls.

The Extreme Dog Gear weight-pull harness is designed to allow maximum pulling power and comfort under heavy loads. If fitted correctly the harness will not restrict movement when the dog's head is down low during pulls, and will not put pressure on the upper arm-shoulder joint.

The harnesses you find here are standard sizes. The same sizes as most other brands use.

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Custom made:

When performance counts, Extreme Dog Gear's custom made x-back's are chosen by more UPF and other National and European Champions. The reason is that our custom made harnesses are made with experience and proven performance do make a difference. Quality Conquers All!


Padding extends around the neck and chest areas for added comfort and to minimise chafing. Our weight pull Harnesses are padded with special padding, no cheap fleece!