Handmade Custom Dog Y-Harnesses

Y-harnesses for dogs are a revolutionary solution compared to standard harnesses and chest harnesses. This type of harness offers numerous benefits for both the dog and the owner. 

Firstly, the Y-shape of the harness provides better distribution of pressure on the dog, reducing the risk of damage to the neck or chest. This makes the harness more comfortable for the dog and less harmful to their health.

Secondly, a Y-harness provides more freedom of movement than a standard harness or chest harness. This is especially important for dogs that like to run and play, as they are less hindered in their movements.

Moreover, the specific shape of the Y-harness ensures that the harness stays in place better during walks, reducing the risk of it slipping or becoming misaligned. This gives the owner more grip and control over the dog, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable walking experience.

Finally, it is important to note that Y-harnesses for dogs are often adjustable, allowing them to be adapted to the size and shape of the dog. This makes them suitable for a wide range of dog breeds and sizes.

In conclusion, Y-harnesses for dogs offer numerous benefits compared to standard harnesses and chest harnesses. From comfort and freedom of movement to more control and safety, these harnesses are an excellent choice for any dog owner.

Sportdog y-shape harnesses from Extreme Dog Gear are a statement of your working dog’s style and your identification as a person who knows quality. Our dog y harnesses are comfortable, stylish and low maintenance.


Y-Harnesses from Extreme Dog Gear Show You Care

“You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” ― Paul McCartney

Quality matters. If it didn’t, no one would drive a Rolls Royce. Quality is more than name brand and status. Quality is a discriminating individual who recognizes the best in life are the least expensive when viewed over the life of the product.

You’ve given a lot of time, money and energy on getting, and training, the right dog. Why use anything less than the finest.

Quality Is Always An Easy Choice.

Extreme Dog Gear’s highly pleasing, utilitarian, fashionable and low maintenance harnesses have been around for over a century. After numerous successes in fulfilling the requirements and earning the trust of private security companies and K9 junkets, we chose to offer our high caliber dog gear to the public as well as knowledgeable dog owners.

Our customized and individually handmade sport dog harnesses prove their value by passing the rigorous tests and demands of the armed forces and law enforcement. Using military grade material and quality workmanship refined over decades, experts agree our sport dog harnesses are the best obtainable.

Our harnesses are not mass produced on an assembly line. Each is handmade in our shop, conveniently located at Industrieweg Zuid 22-B, Amerongen 3958VX - NL. We are an atelier. While we provide standard sizes, discerning clients visit us, with their dogs, for custom work; our products are used globally, and dog owners visit us from throughout Europe.

Our Skills Goes Back Generations.

Starting with the raw product, industrial strength webbing, our harnesses go through a twelve-point assembly process. Quality is built in from the beginning and it the last inspected before it goes out the door.

Where other sport dog harnesses use rivets which can break, rust and injure the dog, we use 100% cotton free webbing which won’t breakdown when exposed to oil, UV, and water. Our harnesses won’t break either, the fabric will withstand over 4500 pounds (2200kg), that’s more than the weight of four Kia Picantos.

In addition to protecting your pet, our dog harness gives you the increased control sought after by knowledgeable dog owners.

What does your dog’s harness say about your character?