Rope Leashes

Our extremely strong autolock carabiner dog 5/8 inch rope leashes are suitable for use with for almost all collars, including everyday buckle collars, quick release collars, prong collars, tactical collars, martingale collars, gentle leader-style walkers, sport harnesses, etc.

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DRL-1 Dog Rope Leash Apple Green
  • $8.08
DRL-2 Dog Rope Leash Aubergine
  • $8.08
DRL-3 Dog Rope Leash Beige
  • $8.08
DRL-4 Dog Rope Leash Beige Green
  • $8.08
DRL-5 Dog Rope Leash Black
  • $8.08
DRL-7 Dog Rope Leash Green
  • $8.08
DRL-8 Dog Rope Leash Green Grey
  • $8.08
DRL-9 Dog Rope Leash Orange
  • $8.08
DRL-10 Dog Rope Leash Pink Black White
  • $8.08
DRL-11 Dog Rope Leash Red
  • $8.08


Strong rope leashes are as important accessory as dog collars. Be very alert when you choose the rope leash. Extreme Dog Gear offers a great variety of strong heavy duty dog rope leashes made of rock climbing rope, proving to be the most durable leashes available. You can choose between our heay duty autolock carabiner or musketon, panic hook and bullsnap.

They are crafted in The Netherlands and made of the finest quality and long lasting materials. We don't hammer down all four tabs on the rope clamp so that they overlap each other. We use special machinery to set the rope clamps. This will ensure 100% safety for you and your dog.

What you can expect from Extreme dog gear’s rope leashes:

  • Highly durable leahes
  • Comfortable to hold in hand
  • Light safe pressed rope clamps
  • Washable rope
  • Various sizes and colors
  • Diameter of rope:  5/8 inch - 16mm