K9 Electrolytes 100

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  • Replenish and re-establish the normal fluid balances of blood and tissues
  • Essential for optimal health and performance during stressful conditions.
  • Designed especially for highly active "Working" or "Performance Dogs"
  • Maintain your "active" dog in First Class Health!
  • Extremely effective after workouts and on hot summer days.
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Whilst exercising, a "Working" or "Performance Dogs" dog will sweat and lose essential salts, also known as minerals. As well as when sweating, these are also lost through the urine and faeces. This is a point for attention particularly in extreme conditions like hot weather. During periods of exertion in hot temperatures and humidity the loss of sweat can increase to as much as 2-4 liters an hour, it is therefore very important to replenish this quickly to prevent symptoms of deficiency. K9 Electrolytes is formulated using balanced ratios of the purest quality natural Trace Minerals that are essential for optimal health and performance during stressful conditions. These elements are present in exactly the same proportions as the composition of dog sweat.


K9 Electrolytes is not the first Electrolyte product available on the market, however it is one of the few products that is composed of 100% pure raw materials, which are also suitable for human use. Extreme Dog Nutrition is distinguished by this purity. Furthermore, the product only contains active ingredients and does not contain any sugars, excipients, flavours or fillers.

Composition: per 1000mg dosis

Sodium Chloride - 300 mg

Sodium Citrate - 50 mg

Potassium Chloride - 270 mg

Magnesium Sulphate - 20 mg

Calcium Carbonate - 200 mg

Glycine - 130 mg

Vitamin C - 30 mg


THE NIGHT BEFORE A STRESSFUL EVENT: Mix required dosage into dog’s water or food.

EVENT DAY: Mix into dog’s water or food before and after any strenuous activity or exercise to support normal hydration.

MAINTENANCE: High activity and working dogs require a minimum of twice-a-week dosing to maintain healthy and normal fluid balance in the body tissues.

Use the enclosed feed scoop

1 scoop is 1000mg

0 - 20 kg 0,5 scoop

20 - 40 kg 1 scoop

40 – 60 kg 1,5 scoop

60 kg + 2 scoops

** This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental use only. **

NET WT 250 grams (8.8 OZ)

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